Totally Delicious Lemon Lime Party Punch

I love coming up with fun party foods to make our themed kids’ parties even better, and this Totally Delicious Lemon Lime Party Punch is a classic – everyone loves it and it is so versatile, it can be slightly altered to fit just about any party theme! Plus, Lemon and Lime is kind of our thing around these parts!

a creamy and fizzy lemon lime party punch

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This party punch is delicious and always goes over well – I’ve never had a guest ask for an alternative drink, and even when I do provide other options they only get taken when the punch is all gone!

To make this Lemon Lime Party Punch fit any party theme, you can swap out the flavor of sorbet you’re using, use themed sprinkles, or even add a dash of food coloring. It’s the classic every-occasion party punch every host needs in their repertoire.

This punch is best prepared right before a party, or even just after guests have arrived to keep it’s frothy texture and still allow guests to have bits of the Sorbet in their drink.
a creamy and fizzy lemon lime party punch

How to Make a Lemon Lime Party Punch

First, gather your ingredients:

  • 1 bottle Lemon Lime Soda
  • 1 box Lemon Sorbet
  • Pop rocks, for garnish
  • Super cute striped straws

You can serve this individually or in a large party punch bowl. If presenting in a punch bowl, simply add the soda to the punch bowl first, and then top with scoops of the Sorbet.

For individual servings, fill each glass halfway with soda and then top with 2 scoops of lemon sorbet. Fill the rest of the container with lemon lime soda (leaving room for some fizz) and then garnish with pop rocks.

Enjoy immediately.

a creamy and fizzy lemon lime party punch

Do you have a kids’ party coming up that this lemon lime party punch would be perfect for?

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