15 Must Try Messy Play Activities Using Your Feet

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Do you have a kid that loves getting their feet messy? I know I do! My kids can’t seem to keep their feet off the grass, out of the muddy puddles, or out of the water. My kids love getting messy and being part of messy play activities using their feet. In honor of the new song from our sponsor, Bobs & LoLo, I thought I would round up some of our absolute favorite ways to get messy using your feet.

Messy Play ideas using Feet

You might be thinking, “How many ways can you possibly get your feet messy and have fun while doing it?” In fact, messy play activities using your feet could be a numerous amount of activities. From sensory play ideas to art projects, the possibilities are endless.

20 Must Try Messy Play Activities Using Feet

Messy Play Painting with Your Feet

Try a round of freeze dance painting.
Use silly string to make some silly sensory art with your feet.
If your kids love dinos, they will love making tracks with their feet!
If your kids love twister, they will love Stomp, Twist, Paint!
Did you know you can even retell a book using paint, your feet, and your favorite book?

Messy painting Activities with Feet

Messy Crafts with Your Feet

Create butterflies using your footprint.
There is nothing cuter than baby footprints being turned into a keepsake!
Maybe your little one would love to feel the paint in their toes as they make rainbow butterflies.
Painting with your feet is one of my kids’ favorite things to do on a nice day outside.
Make a lovely piece of process art using bubble wrap, jumping and some paint!

Feet Crafts and Footprints

Messy Sensory Play with Your Feet

Messy sensory play with your feet can be as simple as a summer sensory tray with an open-ended outcome.
Messy play can also be very calming, especially with a lavender sensory tub.
Messy play can happen in the bath too! Make some fun sensory bath foam to squish between your toes.
If you need a rainy day activity, try this shaving cream sensory game your kids will love.
Next time it rains, grab the kids and run outside for rainbow splashes.

Sensory Play for Feet

If you are anything like me, your kids finish getting all messy and you aren’t sure what to do. How do you get them clean? How do you get them to switch gears from messy to clean?

I have to say that this new song from Bobs & LoLo is simply adorable. The first time my toddler heard the song she wanted to listen to it four times. I kid you not! She loved it. “Again, mommy! Again…. Dirty Feet! ”

Bob and LoLo Dirty Feet deput

We were lucky enough to get to check out a new copy of Bobs & LoLo’s new album that came out on July 31. Dirty Feet is the title track and it is simply adorable! It is evident as I listen to the album that Bobs & Lolo are dedicated to connecting kids to nature through music and movement. I love how this song (along with the rest of the album) encourage kids to take care of themselves, their neighbors, and the planet.

Bobs & LoLo are currently touring North America. You can check Bobs & LoLo’s Facebook page for dates and information. You can find their awesome new CD both online and physical copies of the CD are available as well!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Bobs & LoLo.


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  1. My daughter loves getting her feet involved in sensory play! She will love these!

  2. Oh we LOVE tiny toes!!! My two could paint walk up and down a roll of paper until it was finished!!

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