The Most Awesome Messy Play Recipes You Can Find

Mess is our middle name around here. We love messes. We love messy recipes and even moreso we love messy play recipes! We couldn’t wait to share these recipes with you so you could have a blast getting messy and having fun!

Totally Awesome Play Recipes

Awesome Messy Play Recipes

Have you ever just made a pure mess and enjoyed every minute of it? Have you ever just completely forgotten about the clean up and let loose for an afternoon with the kids? If not, that is okay, this list has everything from the somewhat messy to the downright awful! Our sponsors at Bounty have been helping families clean up messes for 50 years and they don’t plan on stopping any time soon!

Slime Recipes

Soapy Slime Fun
Lego Slime
Simple Slime Experiments
Glitter Slime
Pumpkin Slime

Dough Recipes

Ice Cream Playdough
Rainbow Cloud Dough
Fizzing PlayDough
Electric Dough
Fizzing Lego Bath Bombs

Oobleck Recipes

Baby Play with Goop
Melting Goo
Dinosaurs in Sticky Mud
Pumpkin Spice Oobleck

Painting Recipes for Fun

Powder Tempera Paint Recipe
Earth Day Finger Painting
Homemade Bath Paint
Homemade Paint and Squeeze Bottle Painting
Bubble Painting

Cotton Ball Painting
Rock Painting
Fizzing Rubber Band Painting
Mud Paint Recipes

Edible Recipes

Ice Cream in a Bag
Cornflour Painting
Ice Play
Slime Cupcakes
Jello Lego Dig

messy play recipes and ideas

Shaving Cream Play Ideas

Shaving Cream Ideas
Scented Shaving Cream
C is for Clouds
Polka Dot Shaving Cream Paintings
Shaving Cream Play Pool

Outdoor Messy Play Recipes

Colored Sand Recipe
Bubble Sensory Play
Experiment with Baking Soda
Summer Sensory Play Recipe

Rainbow Explosions
Pop Rocks and Balloons Experiment
Erupting Watermelons
Foaming Paint

Messy Play Recipes

Aren’t these so much fun! Can you imagine the clean up of these recipes? I know I can’t! Bounty, the long lasting quicker picker-upper, has been soaking up spills and helping pick up everyday messes in American homes for over 50 years. What are your favorite messy play recipes and how do you clean up your messy play?


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