Sidewalk Chalk Art: Puddles

It has been so cold here. We have been cooped up inside for most of the winter, aside from the few snow painting activities we did to brighten the snow. Although we have been having a lot of fun with our sensory play and science experiments, we needed some fresh air. So, when the first day the snow melted we couldn’t wait to try some sidewalk chalk art. I never imagined we would be stomping the winter snow into bright spring puddles.

Sidewalk Chalk Art in PuddlesLike I said, it has been so cold and we were all itching to get outside the minute it got above “frigid”. Last week, we finally go to get outside and enjoy the fresh air, even if it was just for one day before the snow returned. It was the first time all winter we had even seen the sidewalk.

So, naturally, we got out the sidewalk chalk to make some creations. At first we just made lines and shapes and we even started making rainbows.

Spring Rainbows Sidewalk Chalk ArtWe figured out that if you dip the sidewalk chalk into the puddles, you get a rich painted effect. I absolutely loved this rainbow Bones (age 6) made.

With just a flick of our hands, we magically turned our rainbow into an art-piece.  Bones discovered that shallow puddles allow you to mix and blend the colors together.

Rainbow art with Sidewalk ChalkBefore long, the boys started to want to run around and get some of the cooped up energy out of their system. I mean, who wouldn’t need that after the long winter we have had?

That is when it happened. The unexpected. The unplanned. The process…

Sidewalk Chalk StompOne lonely piece of chalk sat in a puddle. It was just asking to be played with. I am pretty sure it called our names.

Come play with me. Come stomp out winter!

Bones looked at me and then looked at the chalk. Hesitantly, he waited, as if to say “Can I do it?” I nodded and the fun began.

Puddle Stomp PaintingIt was so cathartic. Broken chalk piece after broken chalk piece was sacrificed, all in the name of Spring. The boys played with this repeatedly. They were having so much fun, they even caught the attention of the neighbor (10 years old) who just had to join in the fun.

“Woah! How cool! Look, you can make footprints in the snow”

“What would happen if we stomp these two colors together?”

“This is so neat”

They stomped, they squooshed, they mixed.

They laughed, they played, they they created.

Color Puddle JumpingThey even jumped!

Who knew a little outside time was going to turn into such an adventure in art? Who knew we would explore color, mixing, and process art all on one “Spring” day?

I bet we will use this technique as it actually warms up. This is something we can use throughout the summer and into the fall. All we need is some sidewalk chalk and some puddles.


When is the last time you surprised yourself outside? What is your favorite activity to get into the Spring spirit?

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41 thoughts on “Sidewalk Chalk Art: Puddles”

  1. WOW! I LOVE this idea! Definitely brightens up these snowy, gray days we’ve been having! I can’t wait for us to give it a try! (btw … my son has the same boots!)

  2. I really adore this! We dont have snow so I will have to come up with the southern version and link you up! LOL

    1. That is so sweet! I am so happy you enjoyed it so much! Growing up in the south, I know you could do something like this with a water hose and some good summer days 🙂

    1. Fantastic! I know my boys can’t wait for the last snow to melt to do it again. They are already planning the water hose puddles this summer!

  3. We had a similar experience in the southwestern heat last summer. When the monsoon finally came, my children went out to play in the warm rain. They made beautiful pictures with side walk chalk.

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  5. That sounds just like where we live. Those are great pics! I think we may have to give that a try since all my daughter wants to do is jump in puddles. lol

  6. How fun!! This makes me want to go outside and do this myself!! The wet chalk really does look stunning!

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  9. I absolutely love this! It seems planned it worked out and looks like a lot of fun. April will be the perfect time for this activity with all the rain! Hopefully it will work out as well planned as spur of the moment. Thank you for sharing and inspiring this momma!

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  12. So we’ve got this dark day spring shadows cool and wet play date planned for this morning! Outside! So, I just found this post by accident through another blogger I follow!!!, THANK YOU :: YOU saved my morning and had me laughing out loud 730am reading while in our apartment hallways! I was howling of laughter about the “sacrifices” of broken pieces! Funny cuz we have lease too after every season change! Thank you, now I am excited about our play date!,

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