On the Go Pokemon Trail Mix

This Pokemon Trail Mix is the perfect grab-and-go snack when the kids are running out the door to go catch some Pokemon! It’s another installment in our delicious series of kid-friendly trail mixes.

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Trail mix is more than just a customizable and healthy snack for kids – trail mix has so many benefits, including fulfilling sensory needs. I also like to use trail mix to introduce new foods or sensory inputs alongside verified favorites.

On the Go Pokemon Trail Mix

For this trail mix, I wanted to go with some classic Oriental flavors because of Pokemon’s Japanese roots, alongside some colorful treats that I already knew my daughter would love. (Plus I just had to include those sour watermelon rings because they look just like Pokeballs!)

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How to Make a Pokemon Trail Mix

The following are suggested amounts and ingredients for your own Pokemon trail mix – feel free to customize yours as you see fit:

Pokeball inspired plastic containers

pokemon trail mix


My daughter already loved the pistachios, oyster crackers, dried peas, and sour candies and I thought they added some fun Pokemon-inspired colors and shapes into the mix. Introducing the sesame crackers and roasted corn in the trail mix was a great way to introduce new flavors that still had the same crunch she enjoyed in other trail mix treats, while not being too unfamiliar and intimidating because it was included with other recognizable foods.

This trail mix has a delicious salty-umami flavor with a pop of sweet-and-sour from those watermelon rings. The sesame crackers have a glossy, smooth coating and satisfying crunch, making them a unique and sensory-rich addition to a trail mix that widens cultural understandings and palettes at the same time.

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We have been just a tad obsessed with Pokemon lately. In fact, we’ve made a ton of sugar scrubs, cookies, and cupcakes and we can’t stop playing with our tiny pokemon characters.

I know Pokemon Go has been getting a lot of good and bad press. But for this family, there have been some life-changing benefits of Pokemon Go for our child with special needs and our family as a whole that I can’t pass up. This mama is going to milk this upswing for all its worth.

Will you be making this Pokemon trail mix for your kids’ next Pokemon GO! outing?

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