Super Simple Red Hot Slime for Valentine’s Day

Do your kids love slime as much as mine does?

Honestly, I don’t think we will ever get sick of this oozy sensory material!

As a special Valentine’s Day treat, I whipped up this Red Hot Slime for Valentines Day for some themed sensory play.

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We are a family that loves celebrating all holidays and one of my daughter’s favorite things to do when the stores put out the new holiday items is to run through the aisles and grab a bunch of themed treats!

With her sensory issues, a bag of cinnamon hearts is a disaster waiting to happen – if I let her eat them.

By finding a sensory play purpose for the candies, she still gets to experience the fun without the meltdown.

How to Make Cinnamon-scented Valentine's Slime with candies

How To Make Red Hot Slime for Valentines Day

First, gather your materials:

You may want to check out Dayna’s video on how to make slime here if this is your first time. There’s a bit of experimentation with making slime, so rest assured that the first time is the longest – but you’ll soon get the hang of it!

Basically, you add the 2 bottles of glue and a little less than 1/2 cup of liquid starch into a bowl. Stir it up with a fork and add extra water or starch as needed. Knead for a few minutes between each addition, as the kneading will help remove some of the stickiness by really encouraging those ingredients to bond to each other.

The perfect slime should be stretchy and oozy without sticking to your hands. However, the longer children play with it, the stickier it becomes. You can add extra starch during play to prevent this.

Playing with valentine's day slime

Believe it or not, this slime started out as an opaque-white before the dye from the cinnamon heart candies quickly transformed it into a pink slime with red hearts!

I presented Miss G with the plain slime and encouraged her to work the red hot candies into it. This is a great fine motor activity and can really help with building finger strength.

Squishing valentine's day slime

Once the candies were worked into the slime, we got straight to playing!

Miss G’s favourite thing to do with slime is squish and spread it. Make sure you play with your slime on an easy-to-clean surface so that children can really engage with their sensory play without worrying about making a mess.

(Hint: I use a kitchen dish scraper and vinegar if the slime sticks to a surface, although it’s usually pretty self-contained and easy to clean.)

Cutting valentine's day slime - adding tools to sensory play is a great way to prolong interest

Next, we added in some easy-to-clean supplies that we had close by. Adding tools or extra materials halfway through sensory play is a great way to prolong interest and get more use out of your sensory materials.

(Adding in the extra tools was Miss G’s idea, if I had planned for it I would have added in some heart-shaped cookie cutters or red and pink utensils.)

Stretching Valentine's Day slime - hope it doesn't get in her hair!

And of course, my favourite way to play with slime is by stretching it! By playing with the slime for valentines day in various different ways, children experience a wide range of sensory input.

(PS – That vinegar trick also works if kids get slime in their hair or on their clothes!)

Red Hots Slime for Valentines Day

What’s your children’s favourite sensory material? Would you add candies to it?

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6 thoughts on “Super Simple Red Hot Slime for Valentine’s Day”

  1. Oh my goodness, I bet it smells amazing!

    I love red hot candies, but I don’t buy them because I can only eat a few at a time. But now I think we may need to buy some to make this! (And I can have a few on the side, right?)

    Pinned and sharing!

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  3. Raven

    Oh thank you so much this will give LilLil something to do with the red hots she collects on Valentine’s Day other than feeding them to me!

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