Love Calm Down Jar with Printable Calming Affirmations

Calm down jars have become a very popular item in the last few years. There are quite a few varieties to be found and tons of suggested uses. To celebrate Valentine’s Day and our love of calming tips for anxious kids, we have decided to share our newest love calm down jar. However, I didn’t want to share just another calm down jar, so I have included some printable calming affirmations that can be used to help your child be mindful during their frustration.

Full of Love Calm Down Jar with Printable Affirmation Chart


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Calm Down Jars  are nothing new. In fact, I have seen some pretty amazing ones over the years as an early childhood educator. You can find them on Pinterest, Facebook, and linked in almost any sensory processing support group. One of our most popular posts ever on this site is our Lego Calm Down jar.

Lego Calm Down Jar with lego

What is a Calm Down Jar?

Calm down jars can be any jar filled with a simple mixture of glue, glitter and warm water. If you are like us, you add in one of your favorite toys, too… LEGO! Any time your child (or you) need a break, give the jar a GREAT BIG shake (I promise the shaking is part of the “therapy”) and then watch and wait for the glitter to settle. The wait can take anywhere from 2-5 minutes.

You can read much more about why and how calm down jars work, by checking out our Lego Calm Down Jar.

How to Make Your Calm Down Jar

Simple Calm Down Glitter Jar

What You Need:

How to Make a Calm Down Jar

We started by adding in about 3 tubes of pink glitter glue from the dollar store. Followed by a full bottle of clear glue. Then we added in some hearts confetti to give the children something to watch while the jar settled.

We added in warm water, enough to almost fill the jar. (Save room for shaking and movement in the bottle)

Add in a tad bit of extra glitter (otherwise you will see the particles of glue separate and it won’t look as uniform.)

Note: If you have a younger child or one that will open, I suggest hot gluing the lid closed.
 Making a Calm Down Jar with Glitter

NOW SHAKE! SHAKE LIKE THERE IS NO TOMORROW. In fact, when we were making our jars for the first time, we turned on some music and had a dance party! You’re ready to go!

Love Calm Down Jar with Affirmation Printable

How to Use Your Love Calm Down Jar

A calm down jar is meant as a mindfulness activity to help children calm their minds and refocus their attention. One of our favorite things to do while we are using our calm down jar is to repeat calming affirmations that remind us just how much we are loved.

When a child is in the middle of a meltdown or is needing some space, a calm down jar can be the perfect way to help them calm their thinking. Since children with anxiety, sensory processing disorder, or big emotions often can’t see the positive in things, it is our job as parents, educators, or caregivers to help them with this train of thought at an early age.

One of my son’s favorite things to hear me whisper when he is upset is “You are calm.” or “You are safe.” Lately, we have been working very hard on him using this language and using “I am… ” statements. We have put just a few of our favorites in this little printable here.

I Am Calm Printable Affirmations to help Kids Calm Down

Click to download

But wait… that’s not all! I have something secret I have been working on just for you? Well, now’s the time to learn more! I have been researching for the last two years to find the best resources for calming an anxious child and I think I have found some pretty amazing secrets that I can’t wait to share with you!

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Calm Secrets Series

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