Totally Rotten DIY Grinch Ornament

After seeing the fun collection of DIY Ornaments that we put together last week, I had to throw my own contribution in with this fun & easy Totally Rotten DIY Grinch Ornament!

Super Easy Totally Rotten DIY Grinch Ornament!

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Now, when I made our Easy Star Wars Garden Planters I had a few comments come through from people not so confident in their creative abilities. They were really nervous that they would need natural artistic talent in order to pull off a cute DIY.

I’m here to tell you – that is definitely not the case! What you really need is confidence – even if your ornament isn’t perfect, it’s going to turn out a lot better if you go for it than if you bring a nervous hand to the drawing elements.

I drew the Grinch’s face in less than a minute – it probably could be a little neater or more even (and if you’re a perfectionist, maybe you can use a projector to help you with that) but between the bright green colour and tuft of green fuzz on the top, everyone knows this is a Grinch ornament and it’s a cheap and easy DIY to add some fun Seuss-magic to our tree.

Don’t let the fear of your ornament not turning out perfect stop you from having fun with some DIY Christmas decor this year.

This literary ornament joins our growing collection of cute & easy Christmas crafts inspired by Childhood Christmas Classics – including our Charlie Brown Christmas Tree and Frosty the Snowman Mason Jar craft.

Super Easy Totally Rotten DIY Grinch Ornament!

How to Make a DIY Grinch Ornament

First, gather your materials:

  • Clear ornament (we used glass but if making with kids you can opt for plastic)
  • Black Sharpie
  • Adhesive spray
  • Green glitter
  • Green feather

Pull up a picture of the Grinch’s face on your computer or phone, and let’s get started!
Super Easy Totally Rotten DIY Grinch Ornament!Confidently draw the Grinch’s face with the Sharpie, directly onto your bulb.

Take breaks when you need to, but the more confident you are, the better your ornament will turn out!
Super Easy Totally Rotten DIY Grinch Ornament!

Go back over the ornament and add any details you may have initially missed before letting the marker dry for a couple minutes (to prevent smudging).

Super Easy Totally Rotten DIY Grinch Ornament!

Remove the top off of the ornament and carefully set aside.

Place the nozzle of your adhesive spray can flush to the opening of your ornament.

Swirl around the excess adhesive and let any extra drip out into the garbage or onto a paper towel.

Super Easy Totally Rotten DIY Grinch Ornament!

Pour your glitter directly into the ornament – at least a half teaspoon.

Swirl the glitter around, being careful to coat the entire inside of the ornament.

Super Easy Totally Rotten DIY Grinch Ornament!

Let the adhesive dry with the ornament upside down to let excess drain out and prevent clumps of glitter from settling on the bottom of your ornament.

Super Easy Totally Rotten DIY Grinch Ornament!
Twist a green feather around the top of your ornament before securing in place with the top (hanging part).

And there you have it! An easy DIY Grinch ornament perfect for bringing a literary flair to your Christmas tree.

Super Easy Totally Rotten DIY Grinch Ornament!

Do you make your own ornaments? Who in your family would love this Grinch ornament?

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  1. Perfect when Christmas is just around the corner. Thinking of doing a couple of these a week from now with my kids. 🙂

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