Snowy Baby Play: Winter Hands On Fun

It’s been cold. Really cold! Not to mention all the snow. It has made getting outside to enjoy the snow this winter extremely difficult. We normally love playing outside and enjoying nature, but Super B is only 8 months old. This snowy baby play was the perfect answer.

Snowy Baby Play

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I am really excited to be joining as a host of the Hands On Play Party with some of my favorite early childhood blogs. When I first saw this series, I got extremely excited because I strongly believe in learning through play and hands-on activities. This series will encourage me to share at least one hands-on activity with you each week while collaborating with some other wonderful blogs that I look up to. This week I am sharing my idea for snowy baby play.

3 Tips For Snowy Baby Play

3 Tips for Snowy Baby Play

Bring Snow Inside

Bringing the snow inside enabled me to present the snow to Super B when she was ready. I didn’t have to bundle her up in an uncomfortable snow suit. I didn’t have to worry about her getting too cold. By bringing the snow inside, I was able to give her a hands-on learning experience in the comfort of our living room.

Baby Play Inside with Snow

Present in Small Doses

Poor Super B. When I first brought in the snow. She was NOT HAPPY! She put her hands down in the big bowl and did not know what to do with all the cold. {Don’t worry, as soon as she started crying, I cleaned her up and we tried again later. I know the picture looks like I’m torturting her, but I assure you she was taken care of immediately and this image was taken by accident.}

Unhappy Baby with Snow

Once I changed the container to a small tray, Super B was much happier. She became interested and wanted to explore the snow for a longer period. This was much more like the busy boxes she was used to and less intimidating then a huge bucket of snow.

Snowy Baby Play in Small Tray

She touched it.

She tasted it.

She explored the way it moved.

Create Snowy Sensory Bags

If you know anything about us, you know how much we love sensory play. As a way to encourage more sensory play, I made snowy sensory bags out of the snow that was left over. It was simple. I put snow, a few beads, and some sequins in a ziplock bag and let Super B explore the Snow from the outside of the bag.

Snowy Sensory Bag

Her brothers (6 and 8) actually made the bags for her, and enjoyed pointing out all the small pieces in the bag.

She squeezed the bag.

She touched the beads.

She played and explored for  a prolonged time, since the temperature was much easier to handle through the bag.

{Note: I never left her sight and did not allow her to chew on the bag.Please use your own discretion when trying this with your own baby.}

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Now it’s time for the Hands On Play party!

It’s your turn to show us your Hands-on Play ideas.


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    1. Thank you so much! She is definitely expressive. The bags worked wonders. We even made the bags for the boys to do a look and find.

  3. Super B is absolutely precious! Her reaction to the snow tray was fantastic. Great post. Thanks.


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