Ultimate Guide to Baby Care {The First Year}

Your baby’s first year is an exciting time for both you and your baby. It is full of new adventures and learning experiences. Being equipped with resources and support that first year will allow you to give your baby the best care your baby deserves. As part of our 10 day series on Baby’s First Year, we will bring you the best and the most up to date information on baby care for the first year.

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Bedtime and Sleep Routines

As parents of newborns, we are always looking for tips and help in the area of sleep, right? I mean, we all long for the time where we can just get an entire nights sleep again. For me, I was lucky to have pretty good sleepers. We like to say that Bones (now 6) slept through the first year of his life. Whether you are co-sleeping, sleep training, or following your baby’s natural sleep patterns, having resources to turn to can be a life-saver for a tired parent.

sleeping Baby

Photo Credit: Jennifer Haas Photos

Getting Your Newborn to Sleep: Tips & Tricks~ Let The Journey Begin
Encouraging Infant Sleep Patterns ~ Trust Me, I’m a Mom
Help Baby Sleep – True Aim

Bedtime Routines – How Dads Can Get Involved (and give mom a break)~ The Jenny Evolution
Help Baby Sleep – True Aim
Co-Sleeping, Instinctive Parenting, and The Single Mom ~ Conceiving Piper:
Get Your ZZZs. 3 Ways to Help Baby Sleep at Night ~ The Jenny Evolution
12 Tips To Help Make Co-Sleeping Work ~ Powerful Mothering
Tips for Moms with Kids that have Trouble Sleeping ~ Powerful Mothering

62 Tricks to Get a Sleeping Baby ~ Incredible Infant
Sleep and Baby’s Sensory System ~ Pink Oatmeal

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Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies to Help your Baby ~ Powerful Mothering
How osteopathy helped my kids  ~ La Cité des Vents\
How To Treat And Get Rid Of Cradle Cap For Good With Simple Herbs ~ Powerful Mothering


Cloth Diaper or Disposable? What to buy? At what price? Diapering is one of the most expensive parts of caring for a new baby and there is just no way around it. It’s hard to know where to begin, and where to turn. To get you started, we have compiled a list of resources that might get you started on your journey to diapering.

Baby Diapering a Newborn

Cloth Diapering How To ~ All Done Monkey
All I’ve Learned about Cloth Diapers {After Three Years} ~ Bare Feet on the Dashboard
Anything and Everything Cloth Diapers ~ Diaperpin

Cloth 101 ~ Kelly’s Closet


Packing Your Diaper Bag (with free Printable)  ~ Hellobee

Natural Homemade Baby Wipes ~ Wellness Mama
Prepping Hemp Wipes ~ Still Playing School
A Cloth Diaper Cleaning Routine ~ Bare Feet on the Dashboard

Diapering Your Baby: Step by Step Instructions ~ Baby Center
Stocking Up on Disposable Diapers ~ Southern Savers



Baby Wearing

DIY Baby Carrier ~ Kids Activities Blog
Remembering Babywearing with my Son ~ Wildflower Ramblings
F.Y.I Safe Babywearing ~ Powerful Mothering

Babywearing My Girl ~ Wildflower Ramblings

Tips/ Tricks

7 Tips to Get all the Kids Bathed at the Same Time ~ Powerful Mothering
Baby and Toddler Teething Help  ~ Powerful Mothering
Emergency Preparedness: Being Pregnant or With a Newborn Something 2 Offer

17 Tips for First Weeks with a Newborn ~ B-Inspired Mama

Health and Safety

Baby Vaccinations and Safety

 Photo Credit: Jennifer Haas Photos

What to Expect at Well Baby Visits ~ Still Playing School

Preventing Choking in Babies and Toddlers with Older Siblings ~ Living Montessori Now
Montessori Baby Resources ~ Living Montessori Now
Tips for Safety In Your Home  ~ Powerful Mothering

Baby-Proofing Infographic ~ Jenny Evolution

Resources and Support

It’s great to get advice from real moms and real parents, but sometimes we want to turn to the experts to make sure we have the most up to date information. When Super B was in her first months, I recall turning to the following resources on a regular basis and I hope that you will find them useful as well.

Basic Baby Care ~ Baby Center
30 Tips for the First 30 Days ~ Parents.com
Resources for a Fussy Baby ~ Dr. Sears
Newborn Basics 101 ~ Baby Center
How To Know if Your Newborn Is Sick ~ Livestrong

Top Apps for Baby’s First Year ~ Mashable



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  7. kathy mason

    All your pictures show the baby sleeping on his belly. Doctors recommend “Back to sleep” to decrease the incidence of SIDS.

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  9. Great tips! Thanks for sharing these helpful tips with the moms. You can even shoulder hold your baby and slowly pat his back to make him sleep. Keep sharing your baby care tips with moms.

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