Ultimate Guide to Feeding Baby

Feeding baby in that first year can be confusing and full of questions. I remember coming home from the hospital after each baby, finding myself up late at night doing google searches on certain questions  I had. In fact, I remember having new and unique questions with each and every one of my 3 children. Whether you are a new parent to your first child or a new parent to your 5th…one thing never changes. You need help! Joined with over 13 other bloggers, I am here to share with you some ideas, tips and resources for everything pertaining to feeding your baby for the first year. I have looked high and low and tried to bring you a resource that you can use NOW and save for later. Hopefully, I have saved you the time of searching for these resources on your own.

Ultimate Guide to Feeding Baby First Year


Breast Feeding

Everyone always talks about Breastfeeding as the natural choice. They make it sound easy and like it come, well, naturally. Unfortunately, for many that is the case. It can be frustrating, painful and hard to understand; especially for new moms holding themselves up on some sort of pedestal. Along with my wonderful co-host from The Ultimate Guide to Baby’s First Year, I have collected and curated the best of the best articles regarding several topics pertaining to feeding their baby during the first year.

9+ Tips for Breastfeeding (Twins or Single Babies) ~ The Stay-at-Home-Mom Survival Guide
My Best Breastfeeding Advice ~ Bare Feet on the Dashboard
Tips to Avoid a Breastfeeding Burnout ~ The Realistic Mama
Do You Give Her Water? Changing Times, Changing Advice ~ Let the Journey Begin
Our Feeding Stories ~ Trust Me, I’m a Mom

Breastfeeding Problem Solver ~ Babycenter
Anything and Everything Breastfeeding ~ KellyMom
Tongue and Lip Ties – our overlooked breastfeeding issue ~ The Realistic Mama
Breastfeeding through pumping for 6 weeks and a tongue tie ~ Wildflower Ramblings
Breastfeeding through thrush and teeth ~ Wildflower Ramblings

Nursing through bleeding and a tongue tie ~ Wildflower Ramblings
Generations of breastfeeding joy ~ Wildflower Ramblings
The Breastfeeding Debate (#isupportyou) ~ Trust Me, I’m a Mom
The Amazing Thing About Breasts : Conceiving Piper
10+ Tips I learnt about Breastfeeding from my 3 Babies ~ Powerful Mothering

Breastfeeding Your Teething Baby And What To Do If You Get Bitten! ~ Powerful Mothering
How to Choose the Best Breast Pump and Usage Tips ~ Powerful Mothering
Flexible Accommodations Denied for Breastfeeding Mom ~ She Knows Parenting

Breastfeeding Advice, Answers and Support ~ La Leche League

Bottle Feeding


Whether you knew from the beginning or it was a last minute decision, only you know your child. Only know can determine all the factors at once. Even if you are breastfeeding mama, you might need a break, you might need to return to work soon or you may just need to figure out how to wean from breast to bottle. Whatever the case is, this list has been compiled to help you today!

Tips for Unexpected Bottle Feeding of your Baby ~ Powerful Mothering
Introducing the Bottle ~ What to Expect
Formula Feeding Tips from a Mom of 3 ~ B-inspired Mama
Breast Feeding vs Formula Feeding ~ KidsHealth.org
How to Bottle Feed the Breast Fed Baby ~ KellyMom

Basics and Tips for Formula Feeding ~ Baby Center

Starting Solids

50 Food Ideas for One Year Olds

Feeding Baby those first foods is such a memorable experience. If you are anything like me, you rush to get to that phase where your little one is eating with the family and easting solids.What are the best foods to start with, when should you start, and what are the ins and outs of starting solids?

Top 5 No-Cook Baby Food Recipes ~ True Aim Education
Raising a Non-Picky Eater ~ ALLterNATIVElearning
Making and Storing Your Own Baby Food ~ Peace but Not Quiet
Montessori Weaning Table ~ Living Montessori Now
Quick & Healthy Meal Ideas for Babies ~ The Eyes of a Boy

The Best Baby Food Recipe Books ~ Still Playing School
Spices and Baby Food ~ Heart of Deborah
Healthy Foods that Babies Like Most ~ Parenting Patch via Newborn Baby Zone
Feeding Your Baby Month to Month ~ What to Expect
Make Your Own Baby Food ~ Ah’s Right Direction

50+ Foods for a One Year Old ~ Nothing if Not Intentional


FAQ About Starting Solids ~ Dr. Sears

Baby-Led Weaning

Baby Led Weaning Poster

WHAT? What is Baby Led Weaning?  I know, I know. Can you believe that between the time that Bones was born and Super B made her arrival ( 5 year gap) that the world of baby feeding had changed drastically. I am still learning about Baby Led Weaning, but I find it fascinating and intriguing to say the least!

Why I skipped purees ~ Dirt and Boogers
First Foods For Baby Led Weaning ~ Homemade Baby Food Recipes
Diagram of Baby Led Weaning ~ The Alpha Parent (photo credit)

Baby Led Weaning ~ Baby Led Weaning.com


Feeding Multiples

Things You Need to Know When Feeding Multiples ~ Newborn Baby Zone
The Art of Tandem Breast Feeding ~ She Knows Parenting
Feeding Multiple Babies ~ NHS Choices


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