Ultimate Guide to Baby Play Spaces, Nurseries, and More

Creating the perfect baby play space or nursery can be so much fun. I remember the days leading up to the birth of Super B were filled with google searches, pinning parties and tons of research. That’s why I have joined with over 40 bloggers to bring you Part 7 of our 10 Part Series on Baby’s First Year! Today we are talking all about “baby play spaces, nurseries, and more“… from decoration to organization, you will find tons of advice from real moms.

Ultimate Guide to Baby Play Spaces and Nurseries


So far, we have discussed advice for new parentstaking care of babies, a variety of feeding resources,milestones and baby firsts, and baby must haves. However, a complete guide to everything baby would not be complete without discussing nurseries and baby play spaces.

Along with posts and advice from all my fabulous collaborators, I have scoured the internet looking for lists that you might find helpful, putting them all in one place to make them easier to find for you!

Nursery  Themes and Ideas

From themes to organizational tips, building a nursery or play space can be exhausting. There are so many options, ideas, and places to turn that it can be overwhelming and fun at the same time. When I designed Super B’s nursery, I looked for anything and everything grey or yellow.

Yellow and Grey Nursery Ideas

Owl Theme Nursery Ideas ~ Powerful Mothering
Nurseries on a budget — cute, stylish spaces that don’t break the bank ~ Peace but Not Quiet
Baby Girl nursery Ideas ~ Try to Make it at Home
Our montessori nursery {Peter Rabbit Theme} ~ Wildflower Ramblings
Adventures in Nurseryland (5-part series) ~ Conceiving Piper

Graham’s Fabric Fabulous Nursery ~ Apartment Therapy
7 Speedy Nursery Updates ~ Young House Love
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Frugal Nursery Tips

If you know anything about me, you know how much I love anything upcycled or recycled. Our nursery and play spaces are no exception. When we set out to create a nursery we loved, we knew we wanted some unique furniture but did not want to spend much money. You won’t believe me when I tell you that we found our dresser in the alley on the way to a friends house for dinner. It was not pretty, but the foundation was solid. So we set to work, removing the paint, sanding, and repainting. The result was a {nearly} free nursery set-up. DIY Nursery Furniture Makeover from Thrift Store Furniture

How to Decorate Your Nursery On a Tight Budget ~ Trust Me, I’m a Mom
Nursery On A Budget ~ Pink Oatmeal
Nursery Must Haves & Decorating Tips ~  Makeovers & Motherhood   

Budget Nurseries ~ Remodel Aholic
7 Great Resources for Nursery Art ~ Cheap Chic Nursery

Shared Baby Space

Whether you choose to room with your baby because of space or personal preference, designing that space can be difficult. Hopefully, these resources will get you on the right start.

Shared Baby Space| Nursery in the Master Bedroom

 Photo Credit: Suburbs Mama

The matress in the corner – La Cité des Vents
Sharing the master bedroom with Baby – The Colored Married Life
Why We Love NOT Having a Nursery ~ Let the Journey Begin
Nursery in the Bedroom ~ Suburbs Mama  

Nursery Decorations

Oh, this is my favorite part of decorating a nursery. This is where the personality comes to life. Adding small sentiments, creating a photo collage, or a special mobile can make or break the room. When we created our nursery we just had to make this Animal Frame {and the butts} and upgrade a mirror from Ikea with a little paint. Yellow and Grey Nursery Decorations Make a Bird in Flight Mobile for the Nursery – Bare Feet on the Dashboard
Make a Ribbon Mobile for the Nursery – Bare Feet on the Dashboard
Nursery Eye Candy (A Round-Up of Cute Nursery Ideas) ~  Peace But Not Quiet
Miniature Mounted Animal Frame ~ Harper’s Happenings

9 Easy Nursery Organization Tips ~ The Bump
10 Reader Tips for Nesting a Nursery ~ Apartment Therapy
Organizing Cloth Diapers ~ Naturally Trendy

 An Organized Nursery ~ Iheartorganizing

DIY Fabric Circle Wall Decorations Another favorite decoration of mine is recycled art. What better way to do that, than with these fabric circles. We gathered all of the hoops and fabric from the thrift store and got to work. Unique and Lovingly Made Nursery Artwork Still Playing School Displaying Baby Photos in Your Home ~ BPhotoArt  

Baby Play Spaces

Creating a space for baby play can be just as exciting as a nursery. I am a firm believer that the environment is another teacher in your child’s life. What you do with it, how it is organized, and the items you choose to put out tell your children what to do with their environment. For this reason, we try to keep things minimal, use baskets and a toy rotation system. I have compiled some of my favorite play spaces and tips, and given you a glimpse into our areas for play and learning. 

Reading Area for Babies and Older Siblings Establishing a Home-Learning Environment For Baby (Montessori Inspired) ~ AllterNATIVElearning How to Set Up Your Home for an Infant by Using Montessori Principles ~ Living Montessori Now

Baby Play Space for 6-18 months ~ Imagination Tree
Creating a Baby Play Space ~ Childhood 101

Reggio Inspired Baby Play Spaces with Baskets

Creating {tasteful} baby play spaces around the home – ALLterNATIVElearning
Implementing a Toy Rotation as part of a planned environment. ~ AllterNATIVElearning
Creating a Montessori Baby Space in Your Living Room ~ Living Montessori Now


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