Ultimate Guide to Baby Must Haves

Babies need a lot of things. They require a lot and demand a lot. Knowing where to start can feel like a daunting process, which is why I have joined with over 40 bloggers to bring you Part 6 of our 10 Part Series on Baby’s First Year! Today we are talking all about “baby must haves“… what they need, what they don’t and advice from real moms.

Ultimate Guide to Baby Must Haves

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So far, we have discussed advice for new parents, taking care of babies, a variety of feeding resources, milestones and baby firsts. However, a complete guide to everything baby would not be complete without discussing what you need and don’t need.

Along with posts and advice from all my fabulous collaborators, I have scoured the internet looking for lists that you might find helpful, putting them all in one place to make them easier to find for you!

But, something was missing…

I noticed that I had lots of lists, and products, and things. If you know anything about me, you know I am not a fan of lots of things. So I decided to make a list of “Baby Must Haves” that can’t be found at any store.

Baby Must Haves You CAN'T Find at the Store

I didn’t stop there. I went to my favorite bloggers and asked them all the same question ” What is one thing a baby needs that you CAN NOT buy at a store?” They had such insightful advice that I think you will find helpful, as well!

Massage ~ Devany | Still Playing School
Someone Who’s Willing to Listen ~ Amanda | Not Just Cute
A Loving Tough ~ Melissa | Mama Miss
Lullabies Sung by Mommy ~ Chelsea | Moments a Day
A  Routine ~ Holly | Kids Activities Blog
Someone to Talk to Them Constantly ~ Becca | Bare Feet on the Dashboard
Breastmilk ~ Amanda | Dirt and Boogers
Lots of Cuddles ~ Samantha | Stir the Wonder
Eye Contact “They need to see your smiley face, laughing face + silly face” ~ Mel | Raising Playful Tots

 I love this list. I could read over it every day just as a gentle reminder for the things my baby needs. Now, that is not to say that baby’s don’t need “products and things” and for that I have compiled some pretty awesome resources for you and sprinkled in some of my faves as well.

Must Haves for Newborns and Baby Registries

Newborn Must Haves

Baby Must Haves for Newborn to 12 Weeks ~ Powerful Mothering
The Perfect Registry – what you do and don’t need for the first year ~ Mom Favorites
Baby Products I Couldn’t Have Lived Without ~ Trust Me, I’m a Mom
Baby Products that Helped Me Survive the First Year ~ The Jenny Evolution
5 Baby Products You Don’t Need ~ Peace But Not Quiet

Thousand Dollar Baby Budget – ALLterNATIVElearning
What Will My Baby Really Need? ~ Janet Lansbury

Twin Essentials ~ Bambini Travel

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Baby Must Haves for Books, Toys, and More

Baby Must Have Books

Best Board Books That Will Encourage Singing with Your Baby ~ Growing Book by Book
Best Board Books for Baby ~ Wildflower Ramblings
25 Must Have Books for Baby ~ The Jenny Evolution

My must have baby items for Cloth Diapering  ~ Wildflower Ramblings

The Ultimate Guide of Essentials for the Natural Baby ~ Natural Beach Living
Minimalist’s Guide to Baby Must Haves ~ ALLterNATIVElearning
Exploring the World Without a Stroller ~ Let the Journey Begin

Natural Gift Guide ~ Natural Beach Living
Top Items for a Montessori baby 0-6 months ~ Montessori on a Budget
Top 10 things for a Montessori baby 6-12 months ~ Montessori on a Budget
Best Gifts for Kids: Montessori Baby and Toddler Toys –  Powerful Mothering


Must Haves for The First Year and Beyond

Baby Must Haves for First Year

My Favorite Baby Products ~ Bare Feet on the Dashboard
5 Things to help baby sleep  ~ True Aim
DIY Baby Turban Headbands – Bare Feet on the Dashboard

Top 10 Baby Items For The First 6 Months ~ Pink Oatmeal
Must Have Baby Toys & Accessories for 0-6 Months – Powerful Mothering
Best Baby Items for a 7 Month Old ~ Pink Oatmeal
Repurposing Baby Items for Play Beyond the First Year ~ Still Playing School



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  What would you consider the most important baby must have? What is one thing you or your baby couldn’t have lived without? Connect with  me on FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestInstagram or subscribe by email. I can’t wait to hear your ideas.


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