Project Recycle Create

Project Recycle and Create Hosts

P is for Preschooler

Powerful Mothering

Afterschool for Smarty Pants

Still Playing School

Lemon Lime Adventures

Creative World of Varya

Mama Miss

There’s Just One Mommy

Little Bins for Little Hands

Peakle Pie

Sugar Aunts

Teach Me Mommy

Danya Banya

 January: Cardboard

Cardboard City

February: Styrofoam

DIY Activity Cube

March: Cardboard Tubes

DIY Recycled Marble Run



April: Egg Cartons



May: Lids/Bottle Caps

Baby Play with Recycled Plastic Lids


June: Plastic Bottles


July:  Scrap Paper

(magazines, newspaper, old books, anything ‘papery’)


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