Weekly Homeschool Lesson Plan: Week 4

Week Homeschool Lesson Plans

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Homeschool Lesson Plans

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Layers of Rock

After such a successful week of Homeschooling last week, I am motivated for a great week! Our week starts a tad different this week. We did “school” Monday morning from 830-1200, but they are with Mr.X until Wednesday. As always, I will post what I think will happen during the week, and by next Monday I will have updated the plans and added some fun pictures and my reflections on the week. My goal is to give you a raw, uncut look at homeschool week to week.

This format might change as I tweak it to bring you the most resourceful weekly homeschool lesson plan I can.

Tips for Using this weekly lesson plan:

  • {Plans are written in black}
  • As the week progresses, I will change the accomplished items to green and cross out the items we do not get to.
  • I am attempting to teach homeschool without textbooks. Meaning at this point I have not purchased a set curriculum or guide.
  • Some of the links I provide are affiliate links, meaning a small proceed from any purchase supports Lemon Lime Adventures and is greatly appreciated.
  • All plans, thoughts and comments are honest and my own opinion.

This Week’s Homeschool Lesson Plan

Homeschooling with a BabyReading

*Continue Successful Reading Routines

Work towards monthly goals:

*Legoman: Read Melvin Beederman: The Curse of the Bologna Sandwich

(Right now I am focusing on getting Legoman to just enjoy reading and then I will get him back into the good literature and these for fun)

*Bones: Read Larry and Rita, Tabby the Cat (Brand New Readers)

* Find Sight Words, Use Sight Words and Play Sight words games from book

Read Aloud:The Little Prince

Reading Instruction: Non-fiction Text Features using National Geographic for Kids


*Continue Journaling 20 minutes every day, at least 1 electronic writing day

Shared Writing Instruction: Model writing from a small moment in time.

*Work toward January Writing Goals
*Bones: Sentence practice, Spacing, Punctuation
*Legoman: Sentence stretchers, Common misspelled words


Explore Rocks

Growing Crystals*Read Books about Rocks, Add Questions to Our Chart
*Make Rock Candy, Cycles of Rocks
*Do a scratch test to determine Rock hardness
*Sort Rocks by size, color, shape, and properties

*Watch videos about rocks

Notes: I found some great rocks at the Dollar Store since everything is covered in snow.

Special Interest

*Color Explorations: Color Wheel (Primary and Secondary Colors)

We will paint and compare different mediums. We read Press Here and will do similar art to connect.

*Sensory Dough: Cloud Dough Experiment (read more on February 12th)

*Project Recycle:
More Explorations with Styrofoam (read more February 5th)

Word Study

* Words Their Way: Word Study for Phonics, Vocabulary, and Spelling Instruction (5th Edition) (Words Their Way Series)
Spelling Inventory
* Practice independent word work stations (word building, word dice, word hunt, word practice)

*Make Word Pattern books and find words in books

*Sight word Games from Playdough to Plato

Sight Word Games


*Youtube Piano Lessons for Bones {Lesson 3}

*Electronic writing day: Story Jumper

Practice Skills:

*Reading: Raz Kids
*Typing: Typing Web
*Math: IXL


*Practice Facts Daily: Use Math Bracelets, Abacus, and Gems

*Work towards January goal:

*LegomanMultiplication Facts
*BonesCombinations of Fact Families

Social Studies

Use the Olympics as a way to introduce…I think we will use some resources from Living Montessori Now or 3 Dinosaurs

*Map Skills (United States)
*Globe Skills (Continents/Oceans)
*Read The Skin You Live In for Multicultural Book of the week

Lego Challenge/Activity

*Sort all Legos by color

This Week’s Homeschool Lesson Plan Notes

* Tuesday is Therapy Day (shortened time)
*The boys are with Mr. X Monday afternoon and Tuesday all day
*We are supposed to have another massive snowstorm hit, so outside snow play might take precedent.

Reflections on this Weeks Lesson Plans

Monday update: Today the boys rocked it out! I mean, really! We got so much done it was amazing. I am really impressed with their work ethic that is starting to form. I hope we can keep up this momentum and I can continue to provide thoughtful planned activities for them.

This week was AWESOME! I am seeing so much improvement in their writing, reading and math skills lately. We did some fun science experiments and learned about so much. I know not all weeks are this successful, so I am attempting to remind myself how well this week went. I look forward to next week.

Friday I did not feel great, so we made Reading Binders and I taught them independent work. It helped so much, as they were able to still do “school” while I was under the weather.

The boys are highly interested in the Olympics and are loving the reading binders we made. Legoman is ROCKIN’ it in reading. He even said to me… “Wow, this book is only 9 chapters, I can read that in like a day!” Melted my heart!

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