Finding “Me Time”- A Time Just For You

Finding Me Time

It’s 5:30am. I had completely forgotten this time existed. I had forgotten how much I needed this “me time”. In the past, as a teacher, 5:30 was my normal wake up time.I’d set my alarm, get up early and have a brief amount of time just for me. While I was pregnant, it was all […]

12 Sensory Play Ideas to Encourage Hands On Learning

12 Sensory Play Ideas

Welcome back for another Hands On Play Party.  If you are a regular here, you know just how much we love sensory play. I thought it would be really fun to gather up some of my favorite sensory play ideas. Sensory play is a vital part of growing and learning and extremely important in developing healthy sensory […]

Engineering Egg Drop Project

Engineering the Perfect Egg Drop Project

Its time for another Saturday Science! This week is a special week here at Lemon Lime Adventures because we are taking part in Tinkerlab’s exciting Creative Challenge Project. We love everything Tinkerlab does, so when Rachelle put out a call for participants to create with eggs, I got excited. If you are a regular here, […]

Become a Happier Healthier Mom

You Can Be a Happier Healthier Mom

Being a mom is hard. It can be such a busy lifestyle full of wiping noses, making lunches, and guiding children that we lose ourselves. In fact, for some, days begin to pass by before you might even realize that you are not your happiest, healthiest self anymore. We may slip into a mom funk, […]

Creating with Loose Parts: Easter Egg Challenge

Creating with Loose Parts Eggbots

Its time for another Hands On Play Party! As many of you know, we are taking part in Tinkerlab’s exciting Creative Challenge Project. Recently, we posted about our Creative Egg Drop Project and how the boys used various recycled materials to make contraptions to protect their eggs. Well, the boys had so much fun creating with loose […]

Recycled Craft: Rainbow Garden Mobile

Recycled Rainbow Mobile

It’s that time of month again where several bloggers get together to post our favorite recycled crafts for kids. So far the series has covered  cardboard, styrofoam and cardboard tube crafts. If you are a regular here, you know how much we love open ended projects and creating from recycled materials. This month we had so much […]

Scented Science Experiment for Kids

Experimenting with Smells

As always, I am excited to be back for another Saturday Science. Science is such a staple in our house and guides the rest of our lessons for the week. If you are a regular here, you know about our 12 months of Sensory Dough Series. If you are new, you definitely should check it out. […]

Rainbow Scented Cloud Dough

Rainbow Scented Cloud Dough

Welcome to 4th edition of 12 Months of Sensory Dough where 12 KBN Bloggers will bring you their special spin on a popular sensory dough. This month’s feature… Scented dough! Our hope is to provide a resource where you can find all things Sensory Dough in one place. We feel so excited about this being a place for you to find and […]

10 Baby Busy Box Ideas

Baby Busy Boxes

Here at Lemon Lime Adventures, we have a busy house. We spend most of our days homeschooling our children, running to therapies, and transferring between houses. Teaching my older boys (6 and 8) is not always the easiest thing to do with a little one under my feet. That is why baby busy boxes are […]

Tactile Input: Sensory Processing Explained

Sensory Processing What is Tactile

Sensory Processing can be such a confusing topic. From terms you may have never heard of to the spectrum of ways it effects all of us, it can be overwhelming. That is why I am excited to join with my friends at The Inspired Treehouse, a group of pediatric physical and occupational therapists, to bring you […]