15 Science Experiments that POP, FIZZ and CRACKLE

 As always, I am excited to be back for another Saturday Science.  We have been busy around here getting ready for Legoman and Bone’s birthday by doing some really fun science experiments. Both boys have summer birthdays which mean its the perfect time for outside, messy size experiments. Fourth of July is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate than with science experiments that POP, FIZZ, and CRACKLE.

15 Science Experiments that Pop Fizz and Crackle

For many, summer holidays mean fireworks and outdoor cookouts. However, not all kids love fireworks or fireworks aren’t available where you are. That’s why I thought a collection of science experiements that POP, FIZZ and CRACKLE would make a great alternative or addition to fireworks!

Science Experiments that POP

When I think “fireworks” I think of that loud KABOOM! These science experiments and demonstrations either POP or Blast off just like a firework would on the 4th of July! I know my kids love anything that shoots off into space or makes a loud noise! These do just the trick!

1. Coin Poppers | Make a bottle cap out of a penny and watch it pop! I have never tried this before and can’t wait to see how it works and test different coins and liquids to see if it makes a difference!

Make a Pop Rocket

2. Pop Rocket | Watch the chemical reaction as you combine two ingredients to make this simple rocket take off! You can turn this demonstration into an experiment by changing up the ingredients, the size of the container, or the amount of liquid you add for hours of fun!

Corncob Science Experiment

3.Corncob Popcorn Experiment | Want to experience that pop, pop, popping just like the fourth of July? This is the experiment for you! Make predictions about what will happen, have your children observe the sounds, the sights, and especially the delicious smells!

Splatter Paint Fireworks Experiment

4.Splatter Patterns | I love this fantastic physics project that is so incredibly visual. It’s perfect for a summer day for hours of fun. If your kids like the classic egg drop experiments they will love this one!

5. Chemistry Rocket | Use your chemistry skills to get this simple rocket to blast into space just like the best bottle rocket! Only this is much safer than a bottle rocket! Change up some variables, decorate your rocket, or gather your friends for rocket challenges! My boys can’t wait to try this one!

Exploding Chalk Paint Experiment

6. Exploding Chalk Paint | Have you heard of the exploding bag experiment? Well, this is an awesome visually appealing variation to the classic. Now it really looks like fireworks are happening right on your sidewalk!

Science Experiments that FIZZ

Fizzing Science can be some of the most fun because it is simple and easy to do, but the “magic” of the fizz never seems to bore anyone, even me! These experiments are all great chemistry examples that I am sure your kids will have so much fun with. I know mine did!

Fizzy Science Experiment

7. 5 Fizzing Science Experiments | We’ve all heard of the classic baking soda and vinegar test, right? But what happens when you change it up some? The reaction is quite incredible!

ice volcano Fizzing Science

8. Ice Volcanoes | This is the perfect summer experiment. Want it to be a little more festive for the holidays, just freeze your ice into Red, White, and Blue shapes for some real festive fizz!


9.Fizzing Color Mixing | Mixing colors has never been so much fun! Set this out on a table during a family picnic and watch the kids have a blast. Even the youngest family member can join in on this science fun!

fizzing fireworks

10. Fizzing Fireworks | Looks like real fireworks without all the noise! How cool! When all the exploring and fizzing is done you are left with some pretty popping artwork too!

Science Experiments that Crackle

One of my favorite sounds on the 4th of July is that crackling you hear when they set off all the little fireworks together. I love how it almost sizzles, instead of explodes. I’ve gathered together some experiments that either spark, crackle, or expand… just like tiny fireworks!

11. Pop Rocks Expansion | We love candy science around here and can’t wait to try this experiment this week. It’s simple but brings lots of excitement.

diy_lightning mint experiment

12. Lifesaver Sparks | Okay, be honest… Have you ever tried this experiment? I really like this version because it is so much better on the teeth but just as much fun!

elephant toothpaste

13. Elephant Toothpaste | Alright, this one doesn’t crackle necessarily, but it was just too cool to leave out of the mix! It reminds me of those expanding snakes I used to get to do when I was a kid while the grown-ups did the big fireworks.

Static Electricity

14. Static Electricity | Another classic demonstration that your kids will love! Just one material needs and loads of fun. Turn your very own head into a fireworks display! {figuratively speaking, of course}

Fireworks in a Jar

15. Fireworks in a Jar | Want to avoid the noise of the fireworks all together but still want a neat science demonstration that looks festive? This easy to follow demonstration is suitable for even the youngest in the family and extremely inviting!

Bonus: The Ultimate List of Things That Pop (free printable chart)

How do you plan to celebrate this summer? With POP, FIZZ or CRACKLE? Will you try any of these fun experiments and demonstrations? I’d love to know!


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