Color Mixing with Play Dough

I am pretty sure that almost every single day we play with play dough in this house. We’ve taken to making tons of play dough kits, so we always have play dough on hand. When we made our latest engineering with playdough kit, our toddler loved the colors of the play dough and decided she wanted to practice color mixing with play dough.

Color Mixing with Play Dough

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This activity is perfect for any age, but my toddler absolutely love to do it while her brothers are homeschooling. It makes the perfect activity for any tot-school plan.

Color Mixing with Play Dough

play dough color mixing

Materials Needed for Color Mixing with Toddlers

Red, Green and Yellow Play Dough
Play Dough Mat

Encouraging Color Mixing with Play Dough

Toddler Color Activity with Play Dough

Using 2 colors at a time, have your toddler smash, push and pinch the play dough together to make new colors. This is perfect for tactile and proprioceptive input.

Color Mixing with Play Dough Activitiy

We even laid our dough out so we could see exactly what colors mixed together did. It is really fun to experiment with the amounts you use for each color. What happens when you use a lot of blue and a little red? What happens when you switch it up and use a ton of red and not a lot of blue.

Smashing play dough proprioceptive input

Once you have made colors you love, you can roll them, smash them, sort them and even create a color wheel with them.

color mixing with playdough set up

If you are a like me, you hate mixing play dough. However, my toddler LOVES to mix the colors altogether in a huge ball of mess. She thought it was really cool to layer these into a rainbow (or should I say a mixed up rainbow).

Mixing color play dough with toddlers

This is definitely an activity we keep coming back to because everyone seemed to love it so much! Plus, it is just so pretty!

Color Mixing Activity with Play Dough

Do you have a favorite play dough or color mixing activity? I would love to hear all about them, so maybe we can try them! Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram or subscribe by email. I can’t wait to hear your ideas.


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  1. Eva /Kid Minds

    We’ve been obsessed with color mixing lately. From mud painting to textured paint collage and everything in between. I love how simple but fun your idea is…

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