Are you interested in reading about Elf on the Shelf ideas for writing prompts?

You can follow along with El-Fly-jah’s adventures, as I add each day’s picture, the letter she writes and they response she gets from the boys.

Day one: Elf Creates a Challenge

Elf on Shelf Writing Prompt

Day two: Elf Loses a Reindeer

Elf on Shelf Ideas

Day three: Elf Visits an Ice Cream Shop

Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Day four: Elf Goes to the Beach

Elf on the shelf writing prompt

Day five: Elf Goes on an African Safari

elf on the shelf

Day six: Elf Goes To Space

elf on the shelf candyDay seven: Elf Goes to the Candy Factory

Elf on the shelf CandyDay eight: Elf Goes to the Candy Store

elf on the shelf sleepingDay ten: Elf Takes Another Break

(and turns the clue writing around on the boys… now they have to be the ones to think of the next clue)

Elf on the shelf readingDay ten: Elf Visits the Library

Elf Visits a School

Day Eleven: To Be Determined


Elf on the shelf Snow AngelHave you read how it all started? Read it here


You can help! Where do you think El-fly-jah’s adventures should take her?

 I would love to hear.

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8 thoughts on “Elf on the Shelf Ideas”

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  3. I love Elf of the Shelf!
    We have two of them. A girl and a boy. My kids love searching for them when they wake up each morning.

  4. Clever ideas! It is ur first year we are doing the Elf(a DIY version because we don’t get him here in South Africa), but it is very exiting for my 3 year old to find him in the morning!

    1. It was only our second year. This year was extremely fun because it got them into writing. Did you check out the adventure they wrote for the elf? I have a book to bind that is a great story from both of them.

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