Totally Delicious Elf on a Shelf Punch!

One of my kids’ favorite Christmas traditions is our Elf on a Shelf! I was a bit hesitant to start the Elf on a Shelf tradition, but it’s turned into an awesome Christmas writing activity for the whole family! Each time our elf, Danger, moves, she inspires a new writing prompt. Of course, we don’t want this to be all work and no play, so we always include something fun and silly with her! One of my favorites this season has been our totally delicious elf on a shelf punch!

Totally Delicious Elf on a Shelf Punch!

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Danger whipped up this totally delicious elf on a shelf punch for the boys to enjoy. She learned the recipe from Santa himself, and it was served at the going away party for all of the elves in the North Pole! The boys had a blast sipping their punch and writing their own stories about their favorite Christmas parties to share with Danger!

Totally Delicious Elf on a Shelf Punch

This punch is totally easy to make, so you won’t have to stay up way late or wake up really early getting your elf in exactly the right position. I am pretty much the lamest elf on a shelf mom ever, and even I could make this punch!

What You Need to Make Elf on a Shelf Punch


Totally Delicious Elf on a Shelf Punch!

How to Make Elf on a Shelf Punch

First you’re going to add simple syrup to a plate and set it to the side.

Next add sugar sanding sugar to a plate and roll the rim of the glasses in the simple syrup then into the sugar sanding sugar.

In a large pitcher or punch bowl, stir together the pineapple juice, the cranberry juice, and the ginger ale.

Pour into your sugared glass with some ice and enjoy!

This punch is one of my very favorite elf on a shelf activities because it’s seriously that simple, and it takes less than five minutes. This is the perfect elf on a shelf punch to put together for your kiddos, and if you’d like you can take it a step further and turn it into an elf on a shelf writing prompt like we do!

Totally Delicious Elf on a Shelf Punch!

What is your favorite elf on a shelf activity? By the way, if you are completely done with the elf and you need the elf to take a hike, check out 5 simple ways to end Elf on the Shelf today.

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