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We are on the go a lot. From therapy appointments to outings at the park, we seem to be traveling somewhere on a daily basis. We love taking busy bags and kits with us to keep our minds and hands busy. Lately, these range from sensory kits to engineering kits. I am excited to share one of our latest engineering kits for kids. We have made a couple but we are having a lot of fun with these travel-sized cup stacking challenges.

Travel Engineering Kit for Kids Cup Stacking Challenge

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What You Need for a Travel-sized Engineering Kit for Kids

Honestly, the possibilities are endless with the types of engineering kits you can create. In fact, this is one of three that we have recently been using frequently. Each of our engineering kits focus on a traditional engineering challenge for kids and make it miniature.

Materials for Travel-sized Cup Stacking Kits

Plastic miniature cups (shot glasses work great, we got ours at the dollar store)
Cardstock Paper

Case/ Bag/ Carrier

{optional} Printable Challenge Cards (more about this later)

Travel Engineering Busy Bag

Making an Engineering Kit for Kids

Putting your kit together is super simple! See, its just two ingredients (if we can call it that) but the fun and learning is endless. There are so many variations of the challenges that your children can create.

Next time you are on your way out the door, just grab your kit and go!

Travel Kit engineering

The challenges can be as simple or as challenging as you want to make it. The boys couldn’t stop playing with this kit! I want to think they played with it over an hour the first few days and now take it everywhere we go.

Cup Stacking Challenge for Kids

The boys even decided that they wanted to make you some printable challenge cards to take with you when you make your own kit. All you need to do is print these pictures out on card stock paper and laminate them for durability.

Cup Building Challenges

Click to download

Cup Stacking busy bag challenges

Seriously, there are no rules! Just because you have downloaded these printable challenges, don’t let them limit you. I bet you and your kids can come up with even more variations.

Travel Kit for Little Engineers

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  1. I love the simple ideas with a million ways to play! Thanks Dayna! Always looking for portable quiet toys!

  2. We do a lot of building with SOLO cups and I have never thought to include paper for building! Thank goodness I am not an engineer! Great idea to make this mobile!

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  4. I’ve been making busy bags for years, but reading this post just now made me realize that I actually haven’t made a new one in at least a year. I probably run out of my own ideas and it never occurred to me to look online for more inspiration. Ok, now where is my TO DO list …

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