Exploring Vegetable Seeds | Simple Science for Toddlers

Have you ever been cooking dinner and felt like your toddler is right under foot and you wished for a simple toddler activity that was little to no prep? This seems to happen all the time around here! I love cooking with my toddler. In fact, it provides awesome opportunities for learning without much prep. Just the other night during dinner prep, my toddler was exploring vegetable seeds with the vegetables I was already using for dinner!

Simple Science for Toddlers Exploring Seeds

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I kid you not, when I tell you that this activity took less than one minute to set up. We were already making dinner, already had out the materials, all I had to do was grab an empty bowl, a few science observation tools and we were ready to go with this simple toddler science idea!

Exploring Vegetable Seeds with Toddlers

What You Need

Exploring Seeds with Toddlers

The materials and set up for this activity are super simple, as I already mentioned.

Seeds from one vegetable (we used a red pepper because it was what we were eating for dinner)
Small Bowls

Magnifying Glass
Science Journal

Setting up Your Exploration of Seeds with Toddlers

Science Setup for Toddlers

Remember how I said set up was super easy? I wasn’t kidding. We literally just put the top of the pepper on a cutting board with a small bowl and added some tweezers.

I didn’t even have to show my daughter (2.5 yr) what to do. She just got started because she was so curious.

Investigating pepper seeds with toddler

Not only was this activity perfect for vocabulary and investigation, it was perfect for fine motor development as well!

Picking Seeds Fine Motor Toddler Activity

One by one, she pulled off the seeds and put them in the small bowl I had provided for her. She had so much fun pulling off the seeds and talking about their shape, color, and their purpose.

She even tried counting a few of them as she pulled them off.

Exploring seeds with Toddlers Science

Once she had the seeds all pulled out, she got out her magnifying glass and explored the seeds even further.

We planned on drying them out and planting them, but if you follow us on Facebook, you know that we had a mishap with a mouse. Oops.

Nevertheless, this is such a fun and easy toddler science exploration, that I highly suggest trying it the next time you have peppers on your ingredient list for dinner time.

Exploring Seeds with Toddlers Science Experiment

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