Awesome Gifts for Geeky Moms

Moms are special and should be celebrated year round! However, figuring out what to get Mom can be really tricky! Pretty much every list you will find, will include flowers or chocolates or jewelry but what if your Mom is more of a Geeky Mom and likes things that are a little off the wall? What then?

I am not one that likes “things”. In fact, I prefer to get no gift at all, but I know it can be fun to give gifts. While I was looking around at “mom” gifts today, I decided I wanted to round up the perfect collection of gifts for us off the wall “geeky moms”.

Awesome Gifts for Geeky Moms both Handmade and Store Bought

Awesome Gifts for Geeky Moms

We’ve all seen the suburbans with the families stickered on the back window? But what about turning your family into Star Wars Characters?

If Mom is in a hurry for dinner, no worries.. she can just whip out her handy can of Unicorn Meet! Dreams for the whole family!

Now when the kids come to interrupt Mom’s next shower, they can learn their elements with this periodic table shower curtain in the process! Woo hoo!

While the kids play with their play dough and putty, Mom can play with her hacking putty that lets her design anything from an Iphone holder to a stand for the baby’s paci. Win for everyone!

Have tea or take over the Death Star? These are decisions that shouldn’t have to be made. Now, Mom can do both!

Gifts for Geeky Moms

Moms are pretty magical. Why not get the mom in your life a magical unicorn to hang on the wall, to remind her just how magical she is?

Does Mom love to cook? Is she always figuring out awesome recipes on the fly? She might really enjoy her own Hunger Games Cookbook to spice things up a tad.

Remind Mom that she has the key to your heart with this awesome Lego Necklace!

If Mom is the kind that likes to grow her own things, then she will love the Aerogarden !

If your mom is into photography as much as I am, she will get a kick out of this awesome lens! Its the perfect pick-me-up!

Hand Made Gifts for Geeky Moms

Want to tell Mom you love her in a Lego kind of way? Why not make her these awesome Lego Snow Globes.

What mom wouldn’t want to wash her hands with her favorite lego characters? I am in love with this Lego Soap.

Birdhouses are forever mom’s favorites but what if you gave her one that looks like R2D2?

Maybe you are noticing a Lego theme, but these bracelets are just too cool to not mention!

All moms are superheros, so why not make your Mom a superhero apron using these free printable patterns.

I know there are so many other things that any “geeky mom” would love to get but I thought these were a great start to spark your imagination. After all, mom is going to love anything from the children she loves!

What would you add to this list? Are you a geeky mom? Do you know a geeky mom? I would love to see what you would add!

*The term “geeky mom” has been used throughout this post in fun. I consider myself what others might call a “geek”, I own it and love it. I see it as a positive statement and mean no offense to anyone that might think otherwise 🙂 You have been warned…

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  1. What a great list!! I too am a geeky mom, though my kids aren’t old enough to buy me anything yet. My son usually makes something adorable at preschool, so that’s what I’m looking forward to. But I will definitely keep these ideas in mind for other gift suggestions in the future. Thanks for sharing an alternate to the typical list!

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