The Perfect Me Time for Moms

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All moms dream of me time. Wait, no they don’t. Moms are the last ones to ever dream of spending time on themselves, putting their feet up, relaxing and focusing on themselves. They are busy running children to school, camp, appointments, and even therapies. But what happens when you ask moms one simple question about Me Time for moms?

Mom Me Time

This week I asked 10 busy working moms to tell me the first thing that came to mind when I asked them the following question. These moms range from stay at home moms (yes, this is a job! ), moms working in the home, and moms working in the workforce. I included moms with one child and moms with six. Some moms homeschool, some don’t. Some have children with special needs, some don’t. These are real moms, and they are representative of moms everywhere! Are you curious what they had to say?

Ten working moms were asked the same question, “If you could have 1 night of un-interrupted mom me time, what would you do?” You won’t believe their answers… The first response of 9 out of 10 of these moms, was ‘work’. Did you hear that? When given the chance to dream big and envision a time away and a time to focus on them, they are still focused on providing for their families. Each of them quickly took back their response but the fact they all joked that this is how they envision a night of un-interrupted me time is quite telling. Now for their real answers.

So, how would moms choose their dream “Me Time”?

I would drink and sleep. ~ Lauren from Military Wife and Mom

Oh, I would play video games. ~ Jamie from Totally the Bomb

I would … stroll through the antique shops downtown. I love to take time to pick up items and imagine what they meant to someone in the past. ~Melissa from Fireflies and Mudpies

Go out to eat with my husband or friends, do a puzzle, read, massage. ~ Jodie from Meaningful Mama

Watch a movie UNINTERRUPTED and drink HOT beverages, then SLEEP like a log. ~ Nicolette from Powerful Mothering

I would love a night and day at a creative retreat. I’d use all of the stinky, toxic oil paints I want with no worries about kids’ brain development! ~ Krissy from B-Inspired Mama

Oh, and yes, eating out somewhere AMAZING! ~ Katelyn from What’s Up Fagans Sleep, amazing dinner somewhere, lots of wine, movies in my hotel room, and did I mention sleep? ~ Amanda from Dirt and Boogers

Ohh, it’s so hard to imagine since it so rarely happens. . . I’d love to go to an eat-in movie or dinner theater. Watch a show, eat a nice meal someone else cooked, not have to clean up, and be able to just zone out a little! ~ Rachel from A Mother Far from Home

Read and eat ice cream and go to sleep whenever I felt like it and not have to put anyone to bed. ~ Sarah from her home with 3 children

Wow! Did you read those? Almost every mom dreams of normalcy. They dream of things they probably did without thinking before kids. Not one person wished for something elaborate, something magical or unheard of. They asked for something real. A dinner, a drink, a quiet space, a movie, a book, or a stroll somewhere nice. Not one mom said they wanted a cruise or a fancy feast. Not one mom said they wanted a quick getaway. These are busy moms. Always on the go. Always busy. Many of them are just like you!

So if I asked you, “What would you do on your free night?” what would your response me. Would you laugh at me in disbelief because you can’t remember the last time you had me time, or would you instantly think of something you have been dreaming of doing? What if I told you that dream could come true? Even better, what if I told you that your dream for “me time” could be a reality and you wouldn’t have to “sneak” it in. undefinedBest Western wants to help you make that dream come true for a mom that you think works hard a deserves to focus on herself and enjoy her family! The best part… if the mom you “mominate” wins, YOU DO TOO! How cool is that? Best Western is looking to reward busy moms who spend too much time traveling for work and not enough time traveling for fun! With the Mom Me-time sweepstakes, you can nominate a hard-working mom who deserves a break for the Mom Me-Time Sweepstakes! One lucky mom will win five nights in any Best Western hotel and a $2,500 MasterCard® Gift Card! In addition to helping a mom win a well-deserved vacation, the person who mominates her wins the same grand prize!

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Posted by Best Western on Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Do you know a busy mom who deserves some “Me-Time”? MOMinate her today and you both could win a grand prize that… Posted by Best Western

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