The Lorax: A Guide to Activities and Lessons

The Lorax by Dr. Seuss is a favorite in the house. I am lucky enough to have all of my books from when I was a little girl. This means we read a lot of Dr. Seuss books, the well known and the not so well known. Our print of the Lorax has a copyright from 1977. I tell you all of this, just to explain just how much we love all Dr. Seuss books. So, it was no surprise that my boys jumped on board the minute I mentioned using The Lorax as a book study. I have created this guide to activities and lessons as a compilation of all things Lorax.

Getting Started with The Lorax

Ultimate Planning Guide to The Lorax

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If you are a regular here, you know how much I love to involve the children in their learning and decision making. This book study on The Lorax, was no different.

To begin, I did a lot of research on activities we might want to do so that I could be prepared (I have linked these resources at the bottom).

Next, I went to the children and asked them to help me come up with some ideas to connect to The Lorax. It was so fun to see the ideas they had and to follow their lead. My hope is you will find some inspiration, gain some resources, and follow your learners lead wherever this study might take them. The possibilities are endless.

Reading with the Lorax

Since this is a family book, my boys were familiar. However, we reread the book again, this time studying the details and having a deep discussion about the concepts, characters, and big ideas.

The Lorax Activity Guide

Lessons We Did:

Story Maps, Character Traits of Each Character
Compare/ Contrast Characters
Character Maps
Text Clues
Inferences, Compare/ Contrast the Book to the Movie

While we made our own graphic organizers on scrap paper, I love This Reading Mama’s Fiction Text Structure FREE PRINTABLE packet that would be great for any fictional book.

Writing with the Lorax


My boys came up with the following Creative Writing Prompts , but you can find more from Minds In Bloom.

  • What would you do with a Thneed.
  • How would you convince the Onceler to stop cutting trees.
  • Unless… (write/draw something that we need to care about)
  • Describe your Truffula Tree Cutter Invention

Science with the Lorax

The possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can do with The Lorax with science. In our home, we like to do a lot of small projects. As a teacher, I used the project approach method which taught me that students interest for a full project can come from the smallest

Lego Lorax Truffula Tree DestroyerThe boys designed and engineered their own “Truffula Tree Cutters” with Legos or you can build your own truffala trees. Both are great for developing Stem skills.

Planting with the Lorax

We planted seeds in eggshells using seeds that resemble Truffula seeds. We are currently doing an experiment to see if the seeds will grow better with the egg carton open or closed. We can’t wait to see the results.

Other Science Projects The Lorax Can Inspire

Plant a Garden
Study Worms
Keep a Plant Journal
Start a Worm Compost
Study Recycling
Compare seeds Nature Walks

 Math With the Lorax

The Lorax Math Ideas

Truffula Sorting
Truffula Story Problems
Truffula Addition

More Math Ideas

Set up a Thneed Store (money)
Thneed Multiplication (Each Truffula Tuft makes x Thneeds, etc)

Creating with the Lorax

 The Lorax Truffula Painting

Sponge painting Truffula trees

The Lorax Pastel PicturesCreate Your Favorite Character with Pastels in a Forest of Truffula Trees

The Lorax Finger Knitting

Finger Knit a Thneed

Testing a DIY Cardboard Marble RunCrafting with Recycled Materials

* Recycled Marble Run

*Box Cities

*Egg Carton Mobiles

Sensory Play with the Lorax

Lorax Inspired Sensory BinPlant a Truffula Forest

Fine Motor Lorax Sensory BinTruffula Collecting

Sensory Bin for The LoraxThneed Factory

Possible Field Trips with The Lorax

Metal Yard
A Factory
Garden/ Nursery

These are only some of the things you could do with The Lorax. I can tell you that my boys didn’t want to stop there. We visited the industrial area in our city and the boys became fascinated in the working of the machines, the workers, the process and the way everything worked. We have decided that our next project will involve factories of some sort.

In case you are still looking for more resources to help you plan your lesson, unit or projects… I have listed some of my favorite resources for All Things Lorax.

More Lorax Lesson Plans and Unit Ideas

30+ Lorax Inspired Activities from Educators' Spin on It

Montessori Inspired ~ Living Montessori Now

50 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day with Lorax ~Reading Confetti

Lorax Printables ~Apples 4 the Teacher

30 Ways to Have Fun with Lorax ~The Educators Spin On It

Celebrate Earth Day with Lorax ~Simply Sprout Educate

Free Preschool Lorax Unit ~2 Teaching Mommies

Do you like The Lorax? What is your favorite activity to do with the book? I can’t wait to hear! First, be sure to pin this post so you don’t forget where to find all the great resources. Then be sure to hop over to iHomeschool Network to checkout and bookmark all of the other great spring book ideas. I will be pinning all of the ideas on my Books Pinterest Board as well.

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