The Lorax: Truffula Forest Sensory Bin

Welcome back for another Hands On Play Party. This week I am excited to begin our series on one of our favorite books, The Lorax. If you are a regular here, you know just how much we love sensory play and it will come as no surprise to you, that we began our theme with a sensory bin inspired by The Lorax. It was simple, inexpensive, and provided tons of hands on learning.

lorax truffula tree forest sensory bin

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As I mentioned before, The Lorax is one of the boys’ favorite books. I am lucky to have an original set of Dr. Seuss books from when I was little, so we read Dr. Seuss on a regular basis. If you have been following along, you know we have been studying rocks for some time now, and I think we all just needed a change. So when I asked the boys if they wanted to do a book study, they both said they were all in.

In fact, Legoman (age 8) said, “Mom, can we declare this week LORAX WEEK?”

We sat down and started brainstorming our ideas for a unit study on our favorite book. The most reoccuring themes were the Truffula Trees and the sneeds. So, off Legoman and I went to the Dollar Tree to find some materials for our sensory bins, art activities and hands-on play.

Lorax Inspired Sensory BinSetting Up a Truffula Tree Forest Sensory Bin

Set up was easy and cheap. I got almost all the items at the Dollar Store and used items from my house for the rest, making this sensory bin cost under $5. However, I have also included links to Amazon for you convenience.

What We Used for Our Sensory Bin:
Striped Paper Straws (Tree trunks)
Pomp a Doodle Yarn (I had this left over from a scarf project and it was perfect because of the poof balls on it)
Styrofoam Circles (to hold up the straws)
Easter Grass
Scissors and Jars (Items from around the house)

I put everything in a large plastic bin and arranged it so that it was inviting to the boys. I pre-arranged a few Truffula tree trunks as an example.

Lorax Sensory Bin Setting Up Grass

Setting up the bin allowed both boys to use all of their senses while exploring the materials. Bones (age 6) loved pulling the easter grass through his fingers and feeling the textures as he got the bin just right.

He carefully placed 10 trunks in each styrofoam circle and then buried them under the grass so you wouldn’t be able to see how they were standing.

As both boys placed the straws in they used language from the book and concepts they had learned from our discussions.

“I am going to plant a Truffula tree”
“Look, the Truffula trees grow in patches of 10”

“If I have 4 patches of 10, then I have 40 Truffula trees.”

“Now I have to wait for the Truffula tops to grow”

Fine Motor Skill Building With Truffula Trees

Fine Motor Lorax Sensory Bin

 Lately, Bones has really been into cutting. If you follow along on Facebook, you might have seen that he isn’t just cutting things that are appropriate. When I created this sensory bin, I had him in mind. I wanted to give him an acceptable place to cut to heart’s content while working on his fine motor skills.

Both boys really enjoyed the methodical work of cutting the yarn and placing it into the ends of the straws. It took concentration and motivation to complete all 40 Truffula trees.

Extending the Sensory Play

Imagination Play with Lorax Sensory Bin

One of my favorite things about sensory play is the imagination, the language development, and the problem solving that it encourages. During any sensory play, I try to sit near and foster conversation, ask questions, and most importantly…

Listen to their thoughts

It isn’t always easy to sit back. At first when I saw Bones doing this, I wanted to say “No, No, that is all wrong. That isn’t how you do it.” Instead, I resisted the urge and sat back, watched and listened.

“These are the vines. They go from tree to tree, They grow before the tops of the Truffulas, so that creatures can travel between the trees.”

Well that makes complete sense! Glad I listened and didn’t tell him he was doing it “wrong.” This play experience went on for well over an hour until both boys had come up with an extension. They had come up with an elaborate plan to invent Truffula Tree Collector Trucks out of Legos and set up a new scene… which, actually, ended up taking the rest of the day.

Want a sneak peek?

Lego Lorax Truffula Tree Destroyer

I’ll be posting more about our Lorax inspired week and hope you will follow along. In fact, here are a few of our favorite resources for teaching The Lorax.

Now it’s time for the Hands On Play party!

My Favorite Hands-On Sensory Activity From Last Week

rainbow activities Spring from Jenny Evolution

 When I think of The Lorax, I can not help but think of color. In fact, Legoman asked if we could do a week of rainbows as we were working today. Jenny Evolution has a great roundup of Rainbow Crafts, Activities and Learning that would compliment any study of this book.

Its your turn to show us your Hands-on Play ideas.


 In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb Mask Crafts
{Stir the Wonder}

Cardboard Tube Kazoo
{P is for Preschooler}

Easter Egg Listening Game
{Little Bins for Little Hands}

Colorful Sensory Activities
{Making Time For Mommy}

Please share your great ideas with us!


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    1. Thank you so much! This is one of the first story bins I have ever made at home. We had a blast and I love that it inspired 3 more bins 🙂

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  3. Dayna, what a beautiful posts. The pictures and colors almost hypnotized me and I felt that I am playing there too. Great job, as always.

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  5. Denise

    I can’t wait to do this with my little girl.The Lorax is one of my favorite children’s books.Thank you…

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