Upcycled Tie Snakes

It was the first week of homeschool and the boys wanted to make a craft. Now, I will be the first to tell you I do not like crafts. In my 12 years of teaching, I avoided them like the plague. If given a choice, I would always present my students with an invitation to art, a project, or simply the process of art.This upcycled craft has taught me that kids crafts can be so much more than cute.

Upcycled Tie Snakes

Kids crafts provide an opportunity for Hands On Learning , teach children how to organize their thoughts and encourage listening skills and following directions.

For our first craft, was inspired by this  upcycled tie snake craft the boys saw on TV when they were with Mr. X. We looked it up and it looked rather simple, plus it used upcycled materials. BONUS!

Creating Your Upcycled Tie Snakes

Here is what you need to start:

  • An old men’s tie (the longer the better)
  • A metal hanger
  • Toilet paper
  • Buttons, Jewels, etc for eyes or decorations

Upcycled Craft: Tie Snake

Open up the large end of the tie to get started with the stuffing process.

Upcycled Craft: Tie Snake

Tear off chunks of tissue paper and stuff it into the large end of the tie until it is full.

Upcycled Craft: Tie Snake

For a softer snake, keep the tissue paper loose as you thread it in.

Upcycled Craft: Tie Snake

Legoman made little balls of tissue and then pushed it through the end. We then had to use a broom handle to push the tissue all the way into the tie. This made a much more firm snake than the one Bones made.

After you are content with the stuffing, Straighten out the wire hanger and slide it down the tie, leaving the bent end facing out.

Tuck the bent end into the end of the tie and bend the snake into position.

Upcycled Craft: Tie Snake

For added details, you can add buttons or jewels to the snake.

The instructions we read told us to tape jewels on for eyes, but the boys wanted them to be more official, so I taught them how to attach button eyes.

Buttons on Upcycled Snake Craft In the end, this made me a believer in crafts. Not because I thought the product was inspirational, but because watching my children work, problem solve and create on their own to make something that had a definite end result was invigorating.

My children learned independence, problem solving, fine motor skills, and cooperation.

I learned so much more!

Crafts are inviting.

Crafts are skill builders.

Crafts are FUN!

Crafts have an end product which gives some children the reassurance they need to know they did it “right”. It has instant gratification, since crafts don’t usually span a long time span. Most importantly, they allow the children to feel accomplished.

They create something on their own. What Independence!

What do you prefer: craft or creation? What have your children taught you during crafts or creations? I would love to hear.

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  1. Looks like a total craft success. I am not a big fan of guided crafts either, especially since I am not crafty, but they can be fun from time to time. Thanks for sharing with Afterschool!

    1. I am having to learn how to like crafts for Legoman who is product driven. I think it’s the little engineer in him.

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