Celebrate Fatherhood

Just around the corner, Father’s Day will be here. I had plans to share some fun handprint monsters we made and some LEGO cufflinks. As time got away from me, I began to realize that while crafts and activities are awesome to celebrate fatherhood, I’d like to celebrate a little differently. Today, I’d like to celebrate fatherhood by honoring my husband and I hope you will take a moment to celebrate the Fathers in your life too!

Celebrate Fatherhood

Today, I am over at Dirt and Boogers sharing why “I think I Married Super Dad” and how I think you might have too.

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Sometimes, I don’t take enough time to honor the man that helps me keep everything together.

Papa Bear

If you are a regular here, you know that our story is not a traditional tale of boy meets girl, couple gets married, couple has a baby and live happily ever after. We, in fact, are what people call a “blended family”. While I have know Papa Bear for over 12 years, we have only been married for the last 2. Legoman and Bones have known him their entire lives, but for the longest time it was in a very different role.

Three years ago my boys decided they wanted to invite Papa Bear into their life. We had gone on our yearly family vacation and returned home after a long week without seeing Papa Bear (at the time we weren’t even living together). The next morning, I came downstairs for breakfast to find the sweetest most loving note on the refrigerator written by my very reluctant 5 year old writer.

Celebrate Fatherhood

“I wish you would be part of our family.”

Well, if that doesn’t melt your heart, I am not sure what will. Soon after, Papa Bear became a regular in our family. One thing that has always been clear, is that he is not trying to fill a spot, he is not trying to take over their father’s role, instead he is building a new connection and creating a new bond that is very different.

It was for that reason, that we collectively came up with the name Papa. We wanted to give both boys an option that was very different from Dad, but that would not leave them out as their sister called him something other than his name.

So Papa Bear was born. Papa Bear is very much a “Papa Bear”. He supports the family, he provides for the family, he models ideal behaviors, and last but not least, he eats Papa Bear bowls of ice cream as every Papa should.

I don’t talk about Papa on the blog, much. I have realized when I do, though, it is quite clear how awesome he truly is. I have gathered up some of my favorite posts that feature Papa Bear. Maybe, its just for me, maybe a bit for him… but I thought it would be fun to honor him today.

In the past 6 months, Papa Bear has:

Cooked Pancakes (now its a tradition)

Calmed our Explosive Son in the midst of a meltdown

Went along with me, when I suggested a no yelling challenge

Continues to learn and grow as we attempt nightly family meetings

Dropped everything during our first week of homeschool, when we had a small homeschooling mishap

Is active and helpful participant in my Sensory Support FB group.

Note from Dad

Thank you, Papa Bear for all you do! Thank you for being an amazing example of what Fatherhood looks like!

Do you have a Father in your life you want to celebrate? I would love to know about him! Tell me something special, large or small that you appreciate. Then make sure you let him know too!

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  1. What a sweet story! He sounds like a really special guy. I always love hearing good dad stories. There aren’t enough (stories) out there!

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